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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Microsoft, I shouldn't be paying for it.

Sorry guys, was going to publish "Nintendo its time for a change" this week, however I had to bring this up.

If you read my post last week, then you know that I decided to support the Xbox One this November.  While I'm still happy about my decision, I'm not too happy about Microsoft xbox live service.  You might be thinking "Why wouldn't you be happy about xbox live service?"  I'm going to tell you why.

Like many of your know Microsoft has always charged consumers to play games online.  This is nothing new.  On top of that, if consumers wanted to use apps like Netflix, they pay the online fee for access.  Does this sound right to you?  Why should a consumer pay $60 a year to have access to apps that they get free on everywhere else?  I understand paying $60 to play online games but for apps like Netflix or Hulu?  Not only is that crazy but outrageous.  With the Xbox One, Microsoft is even putting up more restrictions.  They wonder why their now console isn't doing that well.

Understand something, xbox live should be service that charges for online game play.  They shouldn't have a pay wall for app and devices.  Now that the Xbox One coming out in November, Microsoft will once again put a pay wall to dvr access.  Think about that for a second.................?  Microsoft is charging the consumer to have access to their own dvr device that they're paying over $500 for.  I mean really?  They want to charge people to upload game footage.  Isn't that already free?  Head over to youtube and there is countless videos of gameplay.  Consumers can't just freely record gameplay on their Xbox One, they have to pay $60 a year to access it.  This is not like the DVR consumers pay per month with their cable or satellite provider.  When a consumer orders cable or satellite with dvr service, they don't own the device but are renting it.  At no point do they own the device in less they buy a third party DVR.  But not with the Xbox One.  Not only are Microsoft forcing consumers to buy the device but also forcing the them to pay $60 a year to use it.

Secondly, consumers who buy the Xbox One don't get to use apps on their device for free.  Microsoft has also tied apps to xbox live, whereas Sony PSN doesn't.  Just imagine you wanting to use your Xbox One device to watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube or whatever, you don't have xbox live.  Sorry but you can't use these apps since you didn't pay $60 for access.  Furthermore, it also includes internet explorer.  Huh?  I know. Surfing the web on your Xbox One, now cost you $60 a year.  Ask yourself this, is Microsoft a ISP?  No. For xbox live to even work, you need to have ISP first or xbox live can't even function.  Its not like if you decide not to pay the ISP bill or cancel it, you can still use xbox live.  Is this starting to ring in yet?  Think about all of the other devices your own.  You didn't have to pay to use apps like internet explorer or Netflix.  Its not like Microsoft owns or run apps like Hulu, Youtube or anything else.  What makes this even crazier is Microsoft other devices doesn't require a fee to use the same apps.  They owns Skype and that app is free to use on any other devices including Microsoft products outside Xbox One.

How is this consumer friendly again?  Microsoft keeps talking about "all in one"  however the "all in one" if you pay $60 a year.  This sounds more like "all for nothing".  Microsoft competition Sony offers the same services almost free outside playing online and uploading multi-player content.  Sony evens allows consumers to upload single player content for free.  Why isn't Microsoft doing offering this?  I can't understand why charge for service the consumers have used freely forever.  Does this really come down to greed?  I mean really?

I can't understand why xbox gaming community would openly support this.  They must know this is as anti consumer as it gets.  Last time Microsoft tried crap like this, they almost lost the next gen before launch day.  They might loose it again if this isn't fix.  This is fixable, but the question is will Microsoft fix it?  I'm guessing not but I'm hoping the xbox community will make enough stink about this before launch day to get this changed.  Even if Microsoft fixes this, it should be a silent fix and not a big announcement.  Microsoft claims to listen to feedback so lets hope the community will force them to.

Lastly, Microsoft has no room to error.  In fact, they should be bending over backwards in every way to win back the consumers like me who they tried to screw over.  While I'm not going to change my pre-order to ps4, I am however thinking about my options.  I hope if you are considering or buying the Xbox One, you think about this long term.  This is one of the main reason I stop supporting the xbox 360 years ago because of stuff like this.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm going with Xbox One! Yea I said it.

Yes, its true I've gone to what many Sony loyalist would call the dark side.  I'm glad I made the choice.  Don't get me wrong, Sony has a great product and I'll be picking one up later next year.  But for now Xbox one has won me over.  

Back at E3, Microsoft really pissed me off with their DRM policies.  You don't remember?.....maybe Angry Joe (Love this guy, check out his channel) clip and clip 2 will jog you memory.  That event not only pissed off me but seem to piss off enough of gaming community to the point of running over to Sony without them lifting a finger.  Point being that Microsoft started off on the wrong foot.

Time has passed, Microsoft has started to make amends with most of the gaming community.  I for one will publicly forgive them and start the relationship fresh.(meaning we broke up and now back together)  Up this point, I can't understand why I'd ever thought Sony was better.  Was it really the DRM thing?  Don't get me wrong, DRM is BS (I'll address this on a different post)and was poorly executed by Microsoft; however, Sony was on board up to the point Microsoft took the first bold step.  If that was really why I picked Sony over Microsoft then I'm really stupid.

Even up to today, comparing both systems up close,  its pretty up the same specs.  Is there really people thinking one is better than other?  Both systems are made by ATI and 75% of the games will be cross platform (that is fact don't even try to debate it.)  when it comes to exclusives head to head Microsoft has the edge.  Sorry they just do.  Lets not turn this into a fanboy session.  Take a look at Sony's exclusives lineup for launch: The Order(looks sweet) this is not even coming out still next year, Knack(really?), Drive Club(amazing), Infamous Second Son(looking forward to this, but not coming out til 2014), Killzone: Shadowfall(Halo wanna be)  vs Microsoft's Titanfall(best looking game outside of The Order: 1886), Halo(does it matter?  great series), D4(looks interesting ), Kinect Rivals(good drinking game), Dead Rising 3 (the only zombie thing I'm interested in is Walking Dead TV series), Forza Motorsport 5(looking pretty sweet), Ryse (God of War clone but has potential), Quantum Break(game changer and I like it), Sunset Overdrive(looks nice but not that interested), Project Spark(I'm interested) and Killer Instinct(I'm so down).  Who is more prepared for the next gen again? Sony has one title that is equal to Microsoft's lineup and Sony fanboys are claiming Xbox One sucks?  Sony talking "All about the gamers!"  They have less AAA launch lineup exclusives than Microsoft.  This has to be a joke right?  Please don't try to count indie titles as games.  

Second thing, what is wrong with the Microsoft features?  I mean really,  some of the features are far better than Sony's.  Is it really a bad thing that your console is integrated with your television services?  I know a lot of people will use this including myself on day one.  I believe once Xbox One community starts to use the features, it will be a great addition to the console.  It reminds me when I worked at Verizon Wireless in early 2000 at the call center in Seattle and VP of marketing was trying to push text messaging feature on cellphones.  Many of my co-workers back then thought "this is dumb why would anyone want to text message?" since customers at that time only care about talk time and not paying 10 dollars for 50 texts.(yes I'm that old)  We all believed text messaging would never catch on.  Look how cellphone use has evolved now, almost nobody will even consider wireless service without text feature.  I'm just saying lets not doubt the features on Xbox One until we see how it evolves.  I'm not a big Kinect fan but I'll willing to allow the feature to grow on me.  Lets not forget, Sony has similar features and some how its ok for Sony to have them but not Microsoft?  How crazy is that?    

Lastly, I believe Microsoft at this time has the better product, sorry I do.  As I mention earlier, Sony has a great product however, this seems to be a common theme with them.  They start off really slow then by the end of the cycle they pick things up.  It happen with the Ps2, Ps3 and Ps Vita.  How can Sony loyalist think everything Sony touches will turn into gold?  Ps3 wasn't as popular for 3-4 years in the beginning of cycle.  Last time I checked Microsoft won last gen clearly.  Sony brand doesn't even have a good track record.  They were behind in online play since Ps2, they can't seem to win the hand held war with Nintendo,  Ps vita is a bust so far.  Making games on Sony platform has always been difficult and your telling me everything changed on the Ps4?  I doubt it.  Sony just seem to be all over the place.  They are following and not leading, like with ps one.  It clearly shows after E3.  The fact they made such a big deal over DRM during their press conference when everybody in the gaming industry knew both companies at that time were going to force DRM and Sony backed out at the last minute tells you everything you need to know.  Microsoft has been the total opposite, both of their previous consoles got better and better.  Their online service, software, titles and etc.  Microsoft tries to make bold and exciting moves.  How is Sony on par?  Its like saying Lebron James is on pair with Michael Jordan.  That is just misguided.  

I'm not trying to sale an opinion.  But tell you how it is.       

It doesn't really matter since in Jan I'll be picking up a Ps4 anyway.  Go figure right?  

Tell me what you think below, thanks for visiting, Next blog......."Nintendo its time for a change!"  Stay toon........